Our Second Album: D.L.C.

D.L.C., DiscoCactus's second album!

You've beaten our base game MANIA MODE, now get ready to patch in some extra-hard DLC!

Featuring a selection of specially-designed arrangements for our top tier Kickstarter backers along with a few other surprises, this album is ready to rock, roll, reel you in, (w)reck your face, rotate your tires, reupholster your furniture, restock your inventory, restore your system and recalibrate your soul. Six games in one!! You haven't seen a hot deal like this since like 2006!

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D.L.C. Available Now!


1. Fear the Old Funk [Bloodborne Kart]

Arranged by Laura Intravia
  • The "Fear the Old Funk Choir"
Featuring themes from:
  • Bloodborne & Bloodborne Kart

Based on an arrangement by TheNobleDemon

Originally composed by Tsukasa Saitoh

2. Breaking Even [Persona V]

Arranged by Laura Intravia

Originally composed by Shoji Meguro

3. Jacked Up (And Good to Go) [Starcraft]

Arranged by Sam Bobinski

Originally composed by Glenn Stafford

4. Close in the Distance [Final Fantasy XIV]

Arranged by Doug Perry

Originally composed by Masayoshi Soken

5. Cave Rave [Skies of Arcadia]

Arranged by Ben Wallace

Originally composed by Tatsuyuki Maeda

6. A Forest interlude [Donkey Kong Country 2]

Arranged by Pete Bobinski

Originally composed by David Wise



  • Ben Wallace - Keyboards
  • Doug Perry - Vocals, Vibraphone
  • Laura Intravia - Vocals, EWI, Flute
  • Matheus Souza - Violin, Electric Violin
  • Pete Bobinski - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
  • Sam Bobinski - Electric Bass


  • Chris Pierorazio - Drums


  • Annie Rosen
  • Danny Romberger
  • Doug Perry
  • Jesse Buddington
  • John Robert Matz
  • Laura Intravia
  • Maria Bastos
  • Matheus Souza
  • Mixing by Chris Gilroy
  • Mastering by Pete Bobinski
  • Album art by Jeffrey Fugelsang (Big Red Beard Creations)