Pete Bobinski

Peter Bobinski is a guitarist, pianist, clarinetist, composer, and audio engineer. He’ll perform just about anything, including rock, ambient, funk, classical, jazz, metal, and chiptune. You can hear his composition work in the games Tetraforce and Detective Jane: Case One, and his guitar work in the upcoming game Anew: The Distant Light. He is also a freelance mixing and mastering engineer, skills he brings to bear often at DiscoCactus, gently guiding their recordings out into the world in the final stretch, like a midwife. Peter has a Bachelor of Music degree in Sound Engineering Arts from William Paterson University. By day, he works as an audiobook production manager for one of the “Big Five” publishers. Over the course of his career, he has shepherded WELL over a thousand audiobooks into existence. He is currently based in New York City, the grittiest, most realistic city on Earth.